Thursday, January 29, 2015

     It could be argued that mobile communication is at its peak on college campuses. College-aged students can use their mobile devices in a myriad of different ways. Their phones allow for instant access to contact their friends and teachers, an array of differing social media sites, as well as real-time updates on news of the day. Although students are not always with their friends, they have the ability to be in constant contact with them.

     At a popular lunchtime spot at the University of Maryland, the Stamp Student Union, students can be found meeting up with each other to enjoy the food court or grab a meal themselves in between classes. This is a time where students have a break from class time rules about putting away their mobile devices, so almost everyone has their phone out. Both the students eating alone and those with friends use their mobile devices during this time; they can be found texting, Snapchatting, checking Facebook, checking Twitter, and taking phone calls. College students today take advantage of their ability to build relationships with their friends even when they are not with them. It is interesting though that many students seen at Stamp during lunchtime use the time that they are with friends in person to reach out to others through their mobile devices.

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